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Why Maintenance Services saves you $1000's!

First off what are Maintenance Services? They are services, or fluid services, filter services etc. that keep your vehicles individual systems in tip-top working order. Here is a list of services an average vehicle needs and the approximate time frame for service. Take this to your mechanic for best care on your car:

  • Transmission Service- done every 20-25K miles
  • Fuel Filter- every year or 15K miles
  • Power Steering Service every 2-4 years
  • Coolant replacement every 2 years, hoses every 4 years
  • Brake Fluid Flush- every other year
  • Cabin air filter every 2 years
  • Differential oil every 2 years
  • Battery Service every 2 years
  • Windshield Wipers 6 months
  • Tune-up every 40k-80k depending on quality of Job

These are just a few of the regular required services for the average automobile in today’s world. These services schedules are based on normal conditions. According to the manufacturers normal conditions are less then 20 miles a day no extreme temperatures. Who’s driving in normal conditions today?

Ok , now for the good stuff. How and why can these Maintenance Items save you CASH!

Simple. Education. Yes, when you learn that the fuel filter that you haven’t replaced in four years was making your fuel pump work extra hard, and if you also knew that the average price for a fuel pump today is $800-$1200. Would spend less then $100 and get it done? Further, did you know that the Number One Cause of fuel pump failure is a clogged filter…you tell me what you will do from now on.

I can go on and on for all of the services listed above.

The next great example you need to know…

Your transmission. When was the last time you had it serviced?

It’s the same as the fuel filter except transmissions cost a whole lot more. They start at about $2000 and go up from there.

An average quality Transmission Service costs about $150. This includes draining, replacing the filter inside, replacing the gasket, and replacing the fluid.