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Why Should I Flush / Replace Fluids In My Vehicle

Do you get uneasy when an automotive shop or service station checks your vital fluids or does a basic Lube, oil and filter on your vehicle, and then begins to tell you ,” you Need a FLUSH!”. You need your, “power steering, brake system, cooling system and transmissions and differential fluids replaces and/or flushed!” say “what?” “WHY?” and a stumbling answer comes but your still not sure.

Are you confused or uncertain as to what is/does, what it should cost and how and when it should really be done? If So…continue reading, I promise it will be worth it and I can share an easy to understand explanation for you to know what to do.

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Lets dig in. In the above picture, you can now see the difference in the two pictures and the different degree of tint in the color from one to next. Good Power steering fluid, bad power steering fluid, etc. What you can’t see…that is what is really hurting your vehicle, That is what is really causing damage and that is what WILL COST YOU MONEY… and that is also the reason you have the question and the concerns… “Should I spend my hard earned money on that flush?…thats more than a dang toilet.” What I mean is if it didn’t cost money/or time of course you’d tell the Mechanic “YES!” I hope we all agree on that. But, what we really don’t think about and what is the MOST IMPORTANT is “What is it really going to cost me down the road if I don’t do it.” Hundreds…Nope..potentially and most likely THOUSANDS!

Now let me explain and I will be clear, as your brake fluid should be clean and clear. You see the color change… mostly a darker color… Well what is that dark stuff? Where did it come from? No, nobody put anything in there, its metal,rust,rubber and more.

If I could show you under a high powered microscope you would see, microscopic shards, or pointy fragmented pieces of metal and contaminants. The metal is what you should really be concerned with. Even systems like a transmission or engine that has a filter, the tiny parts are still to fine and pass through the filter…sure some of it gets caught, but much of the pieces of metal in the fluid pass on through… the next stop… your rubber lines, pumps (heart of any fluid system), and other expensive parts. You see these fluids are under enormous amounts of pressure and heat. Some way of 2000 psi. (a lot of pressure) Under this pressure those metal shards/ pieces go thru the system at high speed and high pressure bouncing around and hitting everything in the system, cutting and slicing any rubber. And thus, eventually the fragments of metal make a tunnel or hole all the way to the outside of the line… and on to the ground. By this time it may be to late, every seal and rubber piece in the system has been overloaded and potential catastrophic damage has occurred, even though it may not appear so right away.

The metal is normal wear and tear, the world we live is has friction, gravity and of course natural laws that make certain the eventually everything wears out, brakes or decays.

It is so much cheaper to pay for a flush and/or fluid replacement then to pay for a complete system overhaul or worse totaling the car because its not worth fixing anymore… hard to do, some systems have been that bad, and that expensive but that’s a whole other story.

My sincere recommendations from a automotive enthusiast, multi-vehicle owner, automotive shop owner and family man (one with a budget), get the services done regular, look in the owner’s manual or give us a call, we have the service manual and proper tools to service your fluid systems. We can help, even if you can not afford service right now. AS ALWAYS, stop buy my staff will gladly inspect your fluids and vehicle and give you a no-nonsense consultation.

One last thing. Skipping services is not saving money, it is like not paying THE IRS… it just gets worse. There was a saying when I got into the business 25 years ago, it was old then, “pay now or pay more later”. it is still true today, if not more so.

Best regards,
Mike W.
Mike’s Auto Clinic