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Dodge Ram (Cummins)

The Cummins Diesel engine is one of the most well-known and legendary diesel engines ever produced. It was introduced into the Ram lineup of heavy-duty trucks in 1989. Since then the Cummins Inline six family of engines has been known to be a powerhouse for those that haul heavy or need a solid performing engine.

Servicing these engines isn't always straightforward, most require an experienced eye with keen knowledge of what to look for as far as basic services (air filters, fuel filters, valve adjustment, brake fluid) along with the ability to look at the rest of the drivetrain.


The Cummins engine, along with any Dodge Ram that is equipped with these Cummins engines, must have a regular 30,000-mile service to keep the truck on the road for years and years to come. It is always cheaper to change fluids and filters than it is to replace complete components such as transmission, injectors, fuel pumps, and cooling systems.

Neglect can result in injector failure, fuel system damage, component failures, and even catastrophic engine or transmission damage.

At Mike's, we carefully inspect all aspects of these trucks and help prevent major repairs.

Ford F-series (Powerstroke)

The Powerstroke diesel engine was originally introduced in the F-series trucks from Ford, there are many variations of this family of engines from the legendary 7.3L turbo diesel that has been known to run to a million miles with regular maintenance, to the newest 6.7 Powerstroke which was designed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company when Ford. The 7.3L and 6.0L Powerstrokes have a unique fuel system that uses a high-pressure oil pump to provide pressure for the fuel system, known as a HEUI system. It is imperative to have the oil changed regularly and to be aware of any potential oil leaks as low or dirty/contaminated oil can cause long cranking, poor performance, and severe engine and/or fuel system damage. The 6.4L and 6.7L Powerstrokes use an updated fuel system similar to the Duramax and Cummins injection systems utilizing a gear-driven high-pressure fuel pump.

Powerstroke Diesel 1

GMC/Chevrolet (Duramax)

Duramax engines can be found in both GMC and Chevy trucks. Regarding GMC specifically, the Duramax is offered in the Canyon, the Sierra HD, the Topkick, and the Savana. The Savana is a full-sized van that can be used for moving cargo or as a passenger van. And of course, each vehicle has a number of different engine sizes to choose from including a 2.8L, 3.0L, and 6.6L. Starting in 2021 Chevy will offer a Duramax diesel in SUVs, including the Suburban and the Tahoe. It is important that you have a mechanic who stays up to speed on the latest changes in these models and the required maintenance to keep them on the road and running smoothly.

Duramax Diesel 2