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Expert Mercury Repair & Maintenance in Nampa, ID

Mercury was a brand of automobiles that was created by the Ford Motor Company in 1938 and discontinued in 2011. Here are some key points about Mercury:

  • Vehicle Range: Mercury offered a range of vehicles throughout its existence, including sedans, coupes, convertibles, and SUVs. Some of the notable models produced by Mercury over the years include the Mercury Cougar, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Mountaineer, and Mercury Milan.
  • Positioning: Mercury was positioned as a mid-level brand between Ford and Lincoln. It aimed to offer more features, style, and refinement compared to Ford vehicles while being more affordable than Lincoln models. Mercury targeted customers looking for a step-up in luxury and performance from the mainstream Ford brand.
  • Shared Platforms: Many Mercury models were based on the platforms and components of Ford vehicles. This allowed for cost efficiencies in production while offering unique styling and features that differentiated them from their Ford counterparts.
  • Design and Styling: Mercury vehicles featured distinctive design elements that aimed to set them apart from both Ford and Lincoln models. Styling cues varied over the years, but Mercury vehicles often incorporated a distinctive grille design, unique taillights, and other styling touches to create a distinct identity.
  • Discontinuation: Ford made the decision to discontinue the Mercury brand in 2010 and ceased production in 2011. The decision was driven by a strategic focus on the Ford and Lincoln brands, as well as a response to market dynamics and changing consumer preferences.
  • Parts and Service: While Mercury vehicles are no longer produced, existing Mercury owners can still access parts and service through Ford dealerships and authorized service centers. Ford Motor Company continues to support Mercury owners with maintenance, repairs, and genuine replacement parts.